The Rocky Mountain Iberian Horse Club (RMIHC) was founded in 1999 by a group of individuals passionate about the incredible presence and performance of their Iberian horses. The majority of members reside in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, Idaho, New Mexico, North and South Dakota, and Canada, but inclusion in this great group knows no geographic bounds.

RMIHC encompasses enthusiastic members of many disciplines and values input from any Iberian fan. Whether you enjoy riding your horse on trails, dressage, show jumping, eventing, western, cattle, performance, driving, or just teaching a few tricks, you will discover an attentive audience with the members of the RMIHC.

As RMIHC members, we enjoy sharing the knowledge, experiences, and "tools in the box" of all our members. No matter what your discipline may be, our common denominator is the heartfelt admiration and adoration of these incredible equine athletes. We welcome you to share in our Iberian appreciation and education by becoming a member. Meander through our site and view photos, learn about upcoming events, clinics, and shows, or perhaps find your next equine partner just for starters. Happy Trails!