Essay From Future Example 2020

Hello! This is yourself from the future. Probably wonder why I'm contacting myself. Forbidden right? Doesn't it break the rules of time travel? Yes, but it's an important message. Down the road, challenges are awaiting for us. Some easy, some hard, but the hardest one is college. College, sound scary? Well, it's not just intimidating. Bringing us to this lesson, break out of the comfort zone.
I know it's safe, secure, but it's not helpful. Also, it affects everything in our lives. Start breaking out of it! Don't let it consume us to the point where we can't function as human beings. It's fine to feel uncomfortable at times, it builds character. Don't fear leaving the zone, embrace it. Next, start smiling, it improves our day. We have this unfriendly expression that leaves an unapproachable impression. It's true, I missed many opportunities on friendships because of it. Constantly, we degrade ourselves, so smiling makes us feel better. The internal struggles to overcome these feelings isn't easy to deal with. Yeah, I know, I've been through it.
Nevertheless, college is nothing like home. For starters, it's where we discover ourselves . Everyday we discover our strengths, weaknesses, what makes us happy or sad. It's a place where we learn not to depend on parents for everything, hear our sister's arguments daily. It's where we start being us and that's the bright side. Please don't let anything come between it. I'm warning us because it's bound to happen, which is perfectly fine, we just can't let it win.
Now, what college I am going too? Longwood, we apply to others, but we're going to this one. Don't go praying to God, he already glued it to our minds. It's inevitable, stop it. Anyway, make some friends. Listen carefully now, friends! Not people who are emotionally manipulative and use us for baggage. No, people who are kind, respectable, and overall a good person. Furthermore, treat with care and value them. Consequently, we're not the greatest person in the world. Please keep that in mind before we screwed up. Also, There's other people here who struggle the same way, share the spotlight
Second, there's a major where we're really passionate about it ever since the age of five. It's Graphic Design and Animation, more towards animation. Expectations are not high for this major, but it'll do. Remember, before stepping through those doors it's not easy. This major is challenging our personality, cooperation, and mindset. Believe me when I refer it as challenging, just pull through it. Baby steps are the key to everything, start adjusting. Also, start investing into a criticism shield because it's vital.
The major go will go through foundations classes, not straightforward to making cartoons. Note, keep a narrow mind not a broad one. It'll determine the success we'll achieve during our college years. In addition to that, time management. Time management, an essential skills we need for success. It save lives and ease the overload striking our hearts. Please learn, apply, and use it in everything we do. College, it's not easy.
Reason why? Well, it's has much workload than we thought. Paper after paper after paper will murder the mind. It's overwhelms us so hard and some tears will formed. Surprisingly, that's fine. College is a new territory we're entering. As I said before, it's nothing like home, elementary, middle, or high school. It's a new place waiting to be uncovered by us. Stay determined to win, never refuse a challenge, and don't lose hope. Furthermore, never procrastinate, it's our natural enemy. Procrastination will cost so much loss in our grades/emotions. Don't put ourselves in this negative state, it saves the trouble.
Last advice, I know life isn't going to be easy for us. We're going to discover some heartbreaking moments. Those moments will destroy us, affect us, and cause problems. We'll start question ourselves and people around us.
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